Jody is our primary educator and resource provider. She works with other breeders to help with business planning, and coordinates our support of their businesses.

Childhood pet: “ A goat named Snowflake.”

Would rather be:” On a mountain top.”

Tastes great or less filling? “Tastes Great.”


Susanne manages day-to-day operations. In addition, she provides leadership for our ongoing customer-support efforts.

Last concert: “Greta Van Fleet.”

Best Scrabble Word: “Fard.”

Louboutins or Doc Maartens? “Doc Martens.”


Arturo is responsible for the health and well-being of the animals in the program. An AOA-certified judge, he also evaluates animals and provides targeted breeding advice.

Favorite food: “Grilled t-Bone steak.”

Bucket-list trip: “Japan.”

Buckeyes or Wolverines? “What?”


Lynn provides the program’s research and development. She also works to improve the markets for alpaca products.

Mood ring color: “Blue.”

Strangest Possession: “Whale vertebrae.”

CBGB or Studio 54? “CBGB.”