Lynn provides the program’s research and development. She also works to improve the markets for alpaca products.
Mood ring color: “Blue.”
Strangest Possession: “Whale vertebrae.”
CBGB or Studio 54? “CBGB.”

Susanne manages day-to-day operations. In addition, she provides leadership for our ongoing customer-support efforts.
Last concert: “Greta Van Fleet.” Best Scrabble Word: “Fard.”
Louboutins or Doc Maartens? “Doc Martens.”

Arturo is responsible for the health and well-being of the animals in the program. An AOA-certified judge, he also evaluates animals and provides targeted breeding advice.
Favorite food: “Grilled t-Bone steak.”
Bucket-list trip: “Japan.”
Buckeyes or Wolverines? “What?”

Jody is our primary educator and resource provider. She works with other breeders to help with business planning, and coordinates our support of their businesses.
Childhood pet: “ A goat named Snowflake.”
Would rather be:” On a mountain top.”
Tastes great or less filling? “Tastes Great.”